Pledge a Protester 2017


Clinic escorts during Pledge a Protester 2015Last year 150+ Pledge a Protester donors helped us raise over $10,000 during our Pledge a Protester campaign. We are holding PAP in TWO locations this year (Raleigh and Charlotte) and we hope you will join us in blowing last year's total OUT OF THE WATER!

How does Pledge-A-Protester Work? 

September 27 - November 5th, 2017 abortion care facilities around NC will be the target of a 40-day period of anti-abortion protest that results in increased harassment for abortion patients.

Rather than sit back and watch the protests happen, CAF has decided to put the protesters to work. With the help of the amazing volunteers in Raleigh and Charlotte, we will make sure their presence equals access!

When you pledge a protester one of two things happen:

1.  The folks harassing the clinic will figure out they indirectly helping to pay for an abortion and stop showing up.


2. They stubbornly keep showing up, and we fund a ton of abortion access!

Shaming patients is never a good thing, but with your help, we can get some good out of these heartless protests!

How to Pledge-A-Protester?

Fill out the form below, pick a per-protester pledge amount and wait for the end of the campaign when we will send you a donation invoice!

(Or, if you would prefer, you can make a one-time donation to the campaign HERE)

You are pledging PER PROTESTER who shows up each day of the 40 Days campaign. 

Last year we saw a total of: 468 protesters in Raleigh, and we expect much larger numbers this year with the addition of a new clinic in Charlotte!(We could double or triple the protester counts from last year as Charlotte has a LOT of protesters showing up each day)

Example: If you pledge $0.01 a protester, you can expect your final invoice to be around $10 - $15.

If you pledge $0.05 a protester, you can expect your final invoice amount to be around $50 - $75.

If these totals seem high, have no fear! You can cap your final donation amount  - Just reply to the pledge confirmation or send us an email at

Check this page frequently for updates on our protester numbers and fundraising totals! 

COUNTDOWN TO END OF PAP1605:00 PM EST on November 06

How much will you pledge per protester on 05:00 PM EST on November 06?