Why we're going to Washington

We believe that everyone should have access to their full range of pregnancy options, regardless of where they live or how much money they make.That’s why we’ll be speaking out on a variety of issues that affect reproductive justice in coming months. But first,  we’re headed to Washington, D.C. this week. We will share our callers’ stories with North Carolina lawmakers, and encourage them to support the EACH Woman Act—proactive legislation that would ensure coverage for abortion for everyone, however much they earn, however they are insured, or wherever they live.


Last year, we helped lower the cost of an abortion procedure for 426 people. That’s more people than we have ever been able to help in the past—all thanks to incredible supporters in our commmunity. Yet, even as we celebrate this good news, we must also recognize that we still turn away hundreds of deserving callers in crisis, simply due to lack of funds.

We speak to callers who struggle to find childcare and transportation to appointments; callers who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence;  callers who are scared to go to the doctor due to anti-immigrant threats; callers whose Medicaid or government employee insurance won’t cover the cost of an abortion; and many callers who just cannot afford the entire cost of their abortion procedure.

Stand with us now and tell your Representative to support the EACH Woman Act.

As the only independent abortion fund in North Carolina, our work until now has been focused almost entirely on offering small grants to alleviate the full cost of an abortion procedure for our callers. This is important and necessary work, that will we never stop doing. But while politicians keep interfering in health decisions by banning insurance coverage for abortion care, this work will only continue to grow.

The EACH Woman Act takes meaningful steps towards a reproductive justice future by expanding abortion coverage to Medicaid and federal insurance, and by prohibiting legislators from interfering with private insurance companies’ abortion coverage.

As we head to DC this week, let us know you stand with us in solidarity, by signing our petition asking lawmakers to support this vital legislation.


Together we can make reproductive health care coverage for ALL a reality in North Carolina. Sign the petition now, and let your Representative know that when it comes to the most important decisions in life, such as whether to become a parent, it is vital that everyone is able to consider all of their options, no matter where they live or how much money they have.