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Support the Emergency Fund!


Abortion funds don’t close for snow days, but this unusual weather is having a big impact on our callers’ ability to get to their appointments.

With clinic and road closures yesterday and today, many of our callers have had to reschedule their appointments. This means higher costs, more time off of work, and more time spent waiting. Sarah* is one of those callers.

Sarah lives over an hour away from the closest abortion provider and has been working to gather the funds needed for her appointment and transportation. Due to the snow, her appointment had to be rescheduled until the weekend. This small difference in date significantly raised her cost, and Sarah now cannot afford the difference.

CAF is committed to helping our callers like Sarah, but we need your help to respond to this increased need. We are trying to raise $1000 today to close the gap on Sarah’s cost- can you contribute $5, $10, $50, or whatever you can afford?

Anything raised on top of Sarah's costs will go into our emergency fund, which exists to support folks with urgent, unmet, need. 

Your contribution will go directly to help Sarah, and patients like her, to make sure finances don't stand in the way of care. We're funded entirely by individuals committed to reproductive freedom, just like you.

To make your donation go further (and to help us stretch our limited funding throughout the year), please consider signing up to be a monthly sustainer!

To contribute, choose a giving level and fill out your contact information. You'll then be redirected to PayPal. You can donate via PayPal even if you don't have an account - just check out as a guest.

Who's donating: from Cary, NC donated. Thank you!