Get help

If you are having an abortion in North Carolina and need assistance paying for your care, CAF may be able to help you with the resources to do so.

Call our toll-free hotline at 855-518-4603.
You will be asked to leave us a message with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The number we should use to reach you
  • Whether it is okay to leave a voicemail when we call you back
  • Your gestation / how many weeks along in your pregnancy
  • The date and location of your appointment

A volunteer will return your call within 48 hours. Thank you for reaching out to us!




Who does CAF fund?CAF can fund anyone who needs financial assistance to access to their abortion procedure and who is a North Carolina resident and/or is having their abortion in North Carolina. We offer compassionate and honest care regardless of a caller's gender identity, financial reality, etc. and have volunteers available in English and Spanish.

I'm not sure abortion is the right choice for me. Will you talk through my options with me?
The Carolina Abortion Fund supports the full spectrum of choice for pregnancy options, but we currently do not have the capacity to do options counseling on our line. If you are seeking more information on your options, we recommend speaking with a free counselor at Backline.

Will CAF cover the entire cost my procedure?
Unfortunately, due to our limited budget and high call volume we are not able to cover the entire cost of an abortion. During our conversation with you, we will work together to determine your financial need and connect you with additional funding support if need be.

Why does my call go straight to voicemail?
CAF is an volunteer-run organization, and our volunteers work hard around other aspects of their life to make sure our helpline is staffed daily! A volunteer will return your voicemail within 48 hours- if you are calling with an emergency and/or have an appointment within 24 hours of your call, please indicate that in your message or leave a voicemail on our admin line (1).
We know that waiting can be stressful- thank you for being patient!

How do pledges work?
Pledges are commitments by CAF to pay a portion of your procedure cost. We send our pledge amounts directly to the abortion clinic. Instead of the clinic asking you to pay the amount of your pledge, the clinic will bill us directly for that amount.
You will never have to pay us back the pledge.