Pledge a Protester

40 Days of Abortion Access (#40daysforcaf)

Clinic escorts during Pledge a Protester 2015Starting September 23, 2015 a Raleigh-area abortion care facility will be the target of a 40-day period of anti-choice protest that results in increased harassment for abortion patients on the street outside the clinic.

Last year, CAF supporters helped us fight back again anti-choice clinic harassment by coming together to raise more than $5,500 in support of our Pledge a Protester campaign! Each day the clinic is open, the protesters will be counted. Each protester who shows up will add to the running total being raised to fund abortion in NC.

When they realize more protesters equals more funds, either:

Protesters stop showing up, meaning clinic patients can walk into their appointments without harassment.
Protesters will show up as planned and help us raise funds for abortion!

It’s a win-win with your help! Last year CAF supporters raised more than $5,500 to help more than 55 callers access abortion care during the Pledge a Protester campaign. That's a HUGE impact!

Please pledge your amount using the form below - or click here to make a one-time "Pledge a Protester" donation instead.

Note: We expect 20-30 protesters daily (Monday - Saturday) so pledge accordingly.

Protester Count (as of 9/23/2015): ???

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How much will you pledge per protester?